How Interactive Content Can Help You Grow Your Email List

How Interactive Content Can Help You Grow Your Email List

If you have a blog or any other business that you search to grow, generating fresh leads is probably one of the biggest challenge you are faced to.

Interactive content such as quizzes or personality tests are a great way to boost your online business traffic. With their ever-increasing popularity in social media, they have become an innovative way to collect new email subscribers.

We are going to look at how those addictive, viral and easily shareable pieces of content can be turned into powerful leads generation machines.

1. Increase the efficiency of your passive content

 Increase the efficiency of your passive content

Passive content brings some information, some help to your audience. But to be able to serve you effectively in leads generation, you need to make it attractive to your readers, but also guide these readers to become leads. You can do that by making your passive content more interactive.

Create a quiz, a poll or a personality test related to your post topic and embed it into the post bring an attractive character to your content. So, you embark your readers in a captivating process at the end of which you can urge them to give you their email.

2. Understand your website visitors

Understand your website visitors

Analytics you get from your quiz, poll or personality test reveal extremely useful data about your visitors. Analyzing those data allow you to understand the kind of people who come on your website, and find out their interests and needs. This understanding, will help you create content that will be more adapted to your audience.

More you understand your audience and offer content that meet their expectations, more easily you can get informations such as phone number, location, email… from them, and turn them into qualified leads.

3. Drive social traffic

Because content like quizzes and personality tests are fun and give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves how great, how smart we are, they can easily and quickly become viral and contribute to bring social traffic back to your online business where your sales funnels can continue the conversion work.

Drive social traffic

To properly take advantage of that, when you display the result at the end of your quiz, encourage people to share their result, and also include a call-to-action that leads them to an article, product or content on your website that you want to promote. Depending on the result, be sure to direct people to the content that suits them best. This will greatly increase your chances of conversion.

Email marketing is a great way to acquire, engage and retain customers. And now you know how interactive content can boost your email list! But knowing when to reach your customers, the factors that affect the opening of an email, or the most valuable data to analyze from your emails … are all essential data for your success. Take the following quiz to test your knowledge about email marketing and find out if you can separate fiction from the proven best practices.


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