4 Tips to create engaging quizzes

4 Tips To Create Engaging Quizzes

A dizzying number of content is created each day, and attracting people to your online business become more and more difficult. To stand out, you must not only create high-quality content, but also content to which people easily identify, content that attract and retain them. Quizzes because of their very attractive and addictive character, bring an interesting solution to this problem.

If creating a quiz is simple and quick with a tool like Queezly, designing a quiz that people will love and won’t hesitate to take and share requires some tips and tricks. Here are 4 major tips that will help you create engaging crazy quizzes.

1- Set a goal for the quiz

First you need to consider the reason of your quiz. Knowing the purpose of your quiz, will help you measure its impact. Also creating your quiz is much simpler and faster once you have a clear idea of your goal. Companies often use quizzes to drive traffic, collect data and/or generate leads.  

Once you have a clear goal in mind, with the Queezly editor, you can easily start creating your quiz, by choosing Quiz among the available interactive content formats.

The different types of interactive content offer by Queezly

2- Use a catchy title

Your quiz title is like the bait on the hook. On social networks, it is the title that will need to catch attention of as many quiz takers, and get them to engage the interaction with you. Without a good one, you lose a lot of potential users, and your quiz will fall into the cemetery of forgetfulness that many online content know. Do not panic! There are some proven syntaxes for a quiz title that perform well, and encourage clics:

Are you a _____ expert?

Do you really know _____?

How much do you actually know _____? 

Can you pass the _____ test? 

The use of words like « expert », « really », « actually », « how much », « pass the test », change the context from knowledge test to challenge. And everyone loves to meet challenge.

Setting a quiz cover on Queezly (title, image and description)

With Queezly, in addition to your title you can add an image and a description. These three elements will be used to offer an attractive presentation of your quiz when it is shared on social networks.

3- Design your questions

The questions of your quiz are the place where you have the opportunity to start a conversation with the quiz taker and discover more about him. This is where all the magic of quizzes start.

Here are some points that will help you get the most out of this magic:

  • Do not ask too long questions at the risk of quickly annoying the player. For both questions and answers, try to be as brief as possible, with simple formulationsDesigning a question of the quiz
  • Go from the easiest to the most difficult questions. This helps to encourage both amateurs of the subject and experts. This is one of the most difficult parts of creating a quiz because you have to be careful not killing the enthusiasm of pros with too easy questions, while not discouraging fans with too difficult questions.
  • Feel free to be personal, and ask questions that encourage the quiz takers to tell you about themselves (their interests, their needs, their hobbies …).
  • Add images to enrich your questions or even your answers. In a world where images are worth thousands words, illustrate your questions with images allows you to grab more attention and better share emotional message.Enriching the quiz by illustrating a question with images.

4- Be positive in your results

The results are the place where you can promote a product, offer a deal or send people to your website. They also offer a great opportunity to get share. As we like to present ourselves in the best light on social networks, it is better to present a positive result in order to increase the chances of sharing your quiz. Even if the result is not good, without lying or being falsely flattering, look for how to present it positively. After all it is all about fun, it’s not an exam!

Positive feedback without lying.

That’s it! Now, you know enough to create your own quizzes and start getting their magic effect on your audience.  If you don’t feel comfortable enough to get started on your own, it’s no big deal, together we can work to find and design with you the quiz that best suits your needs. Just contact us, we will be happy to help you boost your returns. 😇


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